Marketing Tip: A sentence that makes visitors watch your online promo video.

“Watch my one-minute video”

Why does this sentence work? Because people don’t know how long your video is and don’t want to commit to a 45-minute show. Alerting visitors to the fact that your video is only a minute or 2 minutes long, entices them to watch it.

Years ago, grocery stores used to place popular items at the end of long aisles, forcing consumers to commit to walking down them (past lots of other potential purchases of course). The strategy backfired and consumers who saw long aisles began reading the aisle signs carefully before committing to head down an aisle.

Grocery stores resolved this by opening up aisles to other aisles so that consumers could see that 1/2 way down, they could jump sideways to another aisle. Grocery stores gave up precious shelf space to create these mid-way connections between aisles.

The thinking of not forcing the consumer to commit to a long aisle worked. It works for inspectors who have online promotional videos too.

Good info.

or “Must be at least 18 years old to watch the following video” :smiley:

Great words of wisdom…

Any marketing vid more than 1.75 minutes long is too much for the avg person.

It’s all about the attention span. The message must be delivered quickly.

Nice, I’m gonna change my video title now.

Do not forget to walk through the woods.
People hire woods walkers