Marketing Tip: Have more than one weapon and use the right weapon for the job.

If you specialize in a certain type of inspection…say Historic homes (called Heritage homes in Canada), or Stucco/EIFS, or large estates… you might want a second brochure that promotes that you specialize in that type of inspection.

That way, when someone calls you and tells you about their inspection project, you can email or fax them a copy of the brochure that is matched to the home they are buying. Consumer: “I’m buying a 100-year old home and I’m looking to have it inspected.”

Inspector: * “I specialize in older homes. Let me email or send you my brochure.”*

Then send them your brochure on inspecting older homes.

Often, inspectors have markets that span through different demographics. A brochure with a picture of a modest home might imply that you don’t inspect more expensive homes. And by the same token, a brochure with a picture of a mansion might imply that you are too expensive of a choice to inspect an average-sized home.

If you are located between two cities and work in both, or if you work across state/province lines… you may want to consider having a slightly different brochure for each market.

You can also do this with business cards. For example, you can have a second business card that reads “Specializing in executive estates” that you ONLY give to your clients and real estate agents during the inspection of very large homes… and that you leave behind for the sellers to find (they are moving somewhere).

Have more than one weapon… and use the right weapon for the job.



Like the idea if potential lead is still on the phone and you can multi-task a file lookup, presentation,typing out the email,ask for email without seeming intrusive,etc.

Personally with my style of conversing simply looking on line at the place tells me enough to bring up construction quirks based on age ,appearance ,area,selling price,interior shots showing tell tale items such as remodel,heating type,vents,while roof shows room positions through vents location.

They love when you talk about the place as if you are there, but on the phone.

All I need is an address but I can see the email send working in a few cases for certain potential clients.
This idea would also help newer inspectors.

I am still doing Historic Inspections based upon Referral only…
No Website
and Unlisted Number…
It has been working… :slight_smile:

Very cool but that will eventually dry up with no marketing.You are resting on the client base you built up which will work for a un-predetermined amount of time.
If you are quitting in the next several years and not looking to grow anymore then it may be fine.
I often do the same then get pushing when things get slower.(bad habit)

Good idea though Nick.(now you need to set up a link to home styles and traits)

Clients in that market are fielding referrals from Friends / Associates / Building Contractors…

Home Inspection is not based on Advertisement…
(do not waste your monies)
It is a Referral Based Business

Bob, FYI: Kate is going to add your idea to an article we’re working on regarding this topic. You’ll be credited as co-author.

Joseph, your website, doesn’t work. It throws up an error.

I also tried to go to the site got an error. Maybe thats what he meant, no web site.:wink:

Haaa!,thought you were kidding.:slight_smile: