I need help marketing. I am going to meet with a bunch of realtors in there office on the 4th of Jan. '07. What do I bring and what do I talk about. Thanks, Billy

As a former REALTOR I’ll give you some advice. Don’t do this:

“I’m honored to have been invited here to speak to you all today. I’m bla bla bla from bla bla bla and I do a nice inspection bla bla bla.” You’re going to make us all puke!!!

Instead, try something a bit more interesting:

How about picking up 8 or 10 of those styrofoam concrete forms, the ones that are like big LEGO blocks. Read up on how they work and commit some information to memory. Then drag them in in front of all the REALTORs and assemble an actual corner ready to be poured. While you work, talk about the advantages of this type of construction and how REALTORs can point out these advantages when showing homes that have these types of foundations.

Also pass out some nice food (not the crap I eat watching Brett Favre) and your flyers.

If at all possible, avoid using the word “inspection”.

DO NOT PRE ASSEMBLE THE BLOCKS BEFORE THE MEETING. Because if you are not a great public speaker, having the big stryofoam forms to assemble will give you something to do with your hands, require you to talk less, and keep the whole thing interesting and fresh.

I promise… it will be a big hit because it is a positive thing (not a defect thing), is action packed, and doesn’t require you to have a professionally written or delivered speech.


Here is your speech: Just commit some points about their advantages that you can talk about while you assemble a few.

Don’t forget to pass one around the audience too!

I don’t know how right or wrong my approach is but here’s what I have been doing: bring in business cards, brochures, and (usually one) Homeowner’s Handbook but I always tell them to feel free to call or e-mail me if they would like more books. I also have binders set up with Homeowner Handbook, Environmental guide and a basic check list if the client/agent decides to follow me around. (not that I’ve done many inspections to date)

Then I ask 2 basic questions:

  1. Who do you use for inspections?
  2. WHat do I have to do to get your business? … each question leads into a conversation 8 out of 10 times.

I show them my price list explain my service/discounts (my discount puts me right around the average price)… discounts will go away once I am getting steady business which then puts my price above average but $40-$75 less than the 3-4 "expensive guys.

To date “my” system remains unproven due to lack of actual inspections gained. AKA take this newbie’s advise with a grain of salt.

Good Luck!

If this is your first presentation at a REALTOR’s sales meeting and you are at all worried that you might freeze up… write your talking points down on a card and put it in your shirt pocket. There is no shame in just pulling it out and reading from it.

Freaking brilliant Nick.

Awesome !!!


That’s awesome!
How about a presentation on the proper attachment of a deck ledger board, you can bring a small piece of PT, some copper flashing, lags ETC. and maybe some pictures of failed decks.
I see alot of deck problems in my area, this is great, Thanks Nick

No, there is not.