Hello fellow inspectors,
I was visiting a friend in an apartment complex and discovered many issues with the complex that are unsafe. The apartments are an older brick type and have brick sided carports. The tops of the carports are being used as decks for individual apartments. The carport deck is concrete panels held together with steel bolts and square washers that are rusting. The side parapets for the brick is obviously leaning out and some of the bricks have already fell from the edges. It is only a matter of time before it fails completely.
That is not all. Electric wire has been run to feed lighting for the underside of the carports that is not in conduit and does not appear to be exterior grade wiring.
My question is: How could I put together a proposal that would convince them to allow me to do a thorough inspection of the complex with suggestions for remedies?
We are looking at 30 or more 6-8 Dwelling units.
I really have not even looked that close at them yet.
Any suggestions?

Step one…qualify for NACHI membership…Step Two…join…Step Three…(Let me know when you finish Step Two)…