Going out tomorrow to market myself any tips of the trade?

Where are you going?

Having lunch with one realtor and then going to all the local real estate offices to pass out my rack /business cards


I’ve been to lunch with many Realtors. I just listen.

One Realtor told me the reason she was looking for another inspector is because her inspector at the time hands out a list of contractors. She kindly asked him to stop as she wants her clients to go to her for that info. He stuck with the inspector mantra and said he works for the client not her. I told her I have a list I give out, but I won’t give it to her clients. She sends me 20 inspections a year. The other guy lost 20 inspections a year over a list of contractors.

There is advice in there somewhere :slight_smile:

Smile, and listen. Everyone wants to be listened to. Then take some notes afterwards.

Thanks for the info! I will listen and take mental notes.

Should the company paid for lunch or is it too soon for that?

Of course the company pays for it. You’re marketing for the company. Right?

Kevin, where’s your website?

I’ve never paid for lunch…

Sure can’t hurt though

Come on NOW… Aren’t you the king and or King and Queen “only meaning it looked like you have had some GOOD help” of hand made goodies for realtors. The things i think I remember sure had a positive feminine touch.

No offense intended but I though you made and did a lot for them to keep them jolly. If I am mistaken I apologize. Again I may be totally losing it but I thought you did stuff often for that type around you.

Michael Meeker who is that comment for?

Juan :slight_smile: Maybe not a lunch but I think he greases the wheels a bit. I may be completely wrong I just think I remember seeing some homemade goodies he was giving out.

Exude confidence. Be yourself. Know your worth and that you have something to offer. You can do this!

Things went well today? Realtor actually bought my lunch! More money in my pocket…haha Thanks everyone for your input!