Marky, we only get water in basement 2-3 times a year...

several legit reasons 4 that… one is, you may have a crack waaay down low on the outside of the block, brick wall and ummm DUH, it takes a longer, heavier rain for the water to go down through 5-6-7 feet of soil, often hard azz clay soil and then go through the crack, like this one… this crack is just above the footing/tiles
and sometimes these cracks, like this one are… underneath concrete/driveway or a raised grade. It’ll often take more water/rain for you to get water in basement if you have a crack like this… under a driveway, under a porch etc One POINT is, it doesn’t mean you do NOT have 1+ exterior defects/cracks that allows the water in 2-3 whatever times a year.

shtt, the homeowners who have 1+ cracks like this vertical will often leak more often and get more water in…
the water, snow that umm melts doesn’t have to go through anywhere near as much soil to get through a crack like this. The problem is NOT not NOT the grade… or slope of the dumb concrete slabs, the problem is… there’s a fkg CRACK!!! loooll dang man, duh helllllllooooooooo, duh lights are on butt nobodys home.

some only leak 2-3 times a year and have NO cracks etc on outside of foundation walls but DO have 1 or more opeings into the home ABOVE ground level, like these open mortar joints
it most often takes a wind—blown rain out of the direction these openings exist for water to get in, go through them and wind up on basement floor. Duh not all rains are wind blown and not all out of the same direction, got dat?

Yeah shtt sure there are a few other reasons, possibilities… 1 or more rod holes are/have begun to deteriorate behind your stupid drywall and one day soon enough, when you may have only seen/got water in 1-2 times in the past, these rod holes will give way and allow more water in…more often! Some exterior cracks are bigger/wider than others so, if a homeowner has a thin hairline crack on the exterior of wall they’ll likely not leak as much or as often,hello That’s enough 4 now, fc it.

So anyone, any HI etc that tells a homeowner who leaks 1,2,3 times a year they have no problem and–or its probably just the grade and other dumb shtt, is an incompetent moron on THIS–subject. Need to find/determine the problem(s) and then fix it correctly.