Marriott Hotels to work with NACHI nationally.

I am pleased to announce that NACHI will be working with the Marriott hotel chain. Marriott has granted us free use of its new high tech rooms (that come with big soft leather chairs, computer table tops and high speed internet access) for many of our upcoming events across N. America.

Thanks Marriott!

what can these rooms be used for?
What cities are participating?
Who do we contact if we want to take Marriot up on this offer?

Whats the process Nick?

Not all Marriotts have them, it is a new thing, but you can call your local Marriott and ask them. We are planning a couple BYOL events which will utilize our online courses and maybe even an SEO class.

BYOL= Bring your own laptop.

Is the Room Free?

Or …

Is the Upgrade to this Meeting Room Free?

I’m afraid I’ll need a week in the penthouse free to be able to utilize this feature in the Seattle Marriott. :wink: