Maryland certification good in Colorado?

I have my Home Inspection certification in Maryland and just moved to Colorado. Can I use my certification here? Or how do I get something that says Colorado on it? Thanks in advance.

There is no certification here. Anyone can call themselves an inspector. The state has no regulations at this time.
It does look like there may be another push by the state legeslature in January for licensing.

You still have to register your entity with the secretary of states office.

If you are in the Denver area you can attend the Denver Chapter of InterNACHI 2nd Tuesday of every month @ Colorado Blvd & I-25 Perkins restaurant 7 PM.

If you are in the Colorado Springs area their meeting is every 2nd Monday at 6:30 (I think) @ Mimi’s restaurant.

No cost to you unless you order a meal/drink. Round table discussions and free education.

We have licensing going through again in January. Some new things added this time. One of them is no felonies. FYI

He should be ok with that as Maryland has had that since 2008


Felix, where were you from In Maryland? Maybe if you are moving and had any good contacts we could work something out for the hook ups ? Just sayin…:cool:


No Felonies … There goes Martha Steward OR any college kid that got caught smoking pot or hash 20 years ago; OR it cuts out the 20 year old soldier that got drunk 30 years ago and went off the road hitting and killing a cow (felony drunk driving); etc, etc.

When my kids were growing up I thought that was a great policy, but as I got older I realized that we had movie stars, doctors, lawyers, legislators, etc and all kinds of folks that had done something stupid at some point in time in their life … paid for it somehow (been allowed by their trade / profession to come back in) … they’d moved on, and if I’m a christian who the heck am I to try and keep them from supporting a family or making a decent living.

When licensing of home inspectors came up in Kansas and was proposed in Missouri, the legislators had enough common sense to address that by putting a timeline on it … No license until 5 years after whatever punishment was over (that was not the case for violent crime, capital crimes, sex or drug crimes).

Made a lot of sense.

Makes good sense to me also Dan. Sometimes I wonder where or how some of these Govt yahoos got their jobs…:shock: