Maryland is this new

**BALTIMORE – **Due to a huge number of complaints by homeowners, state officials are making sure homebuyers get what they paid for by regulating the home inspection industry.

On Jan. 1, Maryland will implement a new Home Inspector Commission to keep tabs on consumer complaints and on home inspectors.

New inspectors will have to have a license, which costs $400, and will need to renew it every two years, officials said. Applicants will have to take 48 hours of classroom training during a course approved by the commission.

They’ll also have to have a high school diploma and least $50,000 of liability insurance, officials said. Current home inspectors with a license can be grandfathered in.

Harry Loleas of the Department of Labor said the new regulations will help, but they won’t totally weed out the bad inspectors.

“Once we have that experience of a couple of years, we’ll see if that law needs changing,” he said.

Inspectors who are caught working without a license could be fined up to $5,000.

Inspectors who need to get their license or need more information can call the Commission of Real Estate Appraisers and Home Inspectors at 410-230-6379 or visit](“”)

No, this is not new. The law has been tied up in state legistature since 2002 for lack of funding.

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