Maryland shuts it down

Gov. Larry Hogan announced today on his 11:00 am news briefing that all non-essential business are to shut down after 5 pm today.

Cure is worse than the complaint if you ask me. But that’s just it, they don’t ask!

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Like the Doctor from Maine CDC was saying this morning, "14 days to late.
From the time they realize that they are infected, they have been carriers of the virus for 14 days. And waiting for the numbers of infectious cases to show up on the charts, they are 14 days to late. "

This is going to get bad.

People are not listening and staying home!

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Exactly the problem Junior.

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It’s in the prison system, cops have it, card dealers have it, US senators have it, babies have it, spring breakers have it, church choir members have it, Sunday school teachers have it, highway retail store salesmen have it, lawyers have it. It’s everywhere, and a big chunk of the population is going to get it, way before a vaccine is ever ready. Unless the hospital system pulls out a miracle with multiplexing ventilators and getting a huge throughput of new equipment and temporary hospitals, this is going to be every bit of a massive disaster.

The good news is that NY State is actually making headway with temporary hospitals. The whole game from here on out won’t be “who’s positive.” It will be 1) how many beds and ventilators are up and running, 2) how much chloroquine can me make, and 3) how many of the cured are donating blood for antibody serum.

It’s coming in on the planes as well, as all these travelers return…My in-laws flew in to Calgary, Alberta from Palm Springs, California yesterday. There were people on the plane with masks on, who were lifting their masks to cough!

Doesn’t anyone think this is blown way out of proportion though?? CDC reports that upwards of 600,000 people died worldwide last year from the flu! Right now, worldwide, we’re at about 17,000 deaths…(that includes China and Italy) that’s roughly 3% of the people that died from the flu! Are we going to freak out, destroy the economy, and rack up millions of bankruptcies every time a new virus pops up? Is this our new normal?
If people are so concerned about saving lives, then why aren’t we quarantining every flu season?
Just some thoughts, not trying to start an argument, just curious how many others actually feel this way?


Posted ten days ago


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Still applies now, doesn’t it? Probably more so now… I’m in Tampa Florida, and right now they are talking about shutting us down.
Those numbers you posted are for America only… worldwide they are 291k to 646k ( estimates from the CDC)

Every year since… … I dunno when, for a while ha ha

Hows it going where you’re at? Are you still busy?

Phone totally dead for ten days, then calls this week for the next three days & Monday.
Lucked out, 3 of 4 vacant. The other one the owner has no car so he promised to stay on the rear porch.

Due the the virus situation we’re going thru, I respectfully request the seller (if not vacant) not be present.
The buyer, if coming, should show up near completion, which is estimated at approx 11AM.

Please assure the seller, the place with be disinfected better than it was before my arrival.
All door knobs, handles, kitchen & bathroom surfaces will be treated.
Thank you!

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

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Nice! I had nothing scheduled yesterday morning, now I have 4 this week. One is occupied, I also asked that they not be present, and said I would wear gloves and a mask.

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Maine shut down " non essential " business too. However that doesn’t include inspectors it seems. Not very clear in what is or isn’t anyways.