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Hi Nick,

Still no money. The commissioners however still meet and are having discussion again about the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics, they have written them and they are now being reviewed by the whole commission and then will be open for public comment. I attend most all of their meetings to keep an eye on what is going on because even though they don?t have funding they still can do important things. The meetings are at the DLLR office in Baltimore the second Tuesday of every other month at 10am. There was a meeting this month so the next will be in October. If you or any of your members needs more information or would like to attend please let me know.

As for the continuing education the law did not include a requirement for continuing education as is but it did require an in-house 48 hour initial course.


Linda Showalter

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Does MD require continuing education yet, or are they still out of money?

Nick Gromicko

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