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Been posted more than once but never hurts as it is a good site.

Thanks Bob, you sound like a broken record too.

Hey I was trying to subtle, unlike you.

I get their monthly newsletter and was just trying to help my fellow inspectors, not bash them like you. What’s gotten into you lately?

Ha ha… I should try and emulate you more buddy.
Will try harder in the future.

Thanks Linas!


Thanks, Linus.

Been posted many times…

First time I saw it. Getting old eyes I guess. Or maybe there is too much BS on here to wade through to get to real Home Inspection stuff…

I got a request to assist in a $50k building investigation yesterday and I think I could freshen up on this a bit…

Thanks Linus

Good stuff, thanks Linas

Did you learn that stuff in Johnnies class?

I get too Linas, good material. Thanks for posting, I am sure some had not seen it yet. :slight_smile:

I subscribe to the newsletter they send once a month. Keeps me one step ahead of the bitches.:wink:


New to me…thanks Linas