Massachusetts HI Referral law

**Chapter 112: Section 87YY 1/2 **

First signing of purchase agreement; distribution of home inspection brochure; prohibition of specific recommendations; exception

At the time of the signing of the first written contract to purchase, real estate brokers and salesmen, or the seller if no broker or salesperson is involved in the sale, shall distribute a brochure, published by the office of consumer affairs and business regulations, educating consumers about the home inspection process. Real estate brokers and salesmen shall not directly recommend a specific home inspection company or home inspector but may, upon request, provide a complete list of licensed home inspectors prepared by the board. This prohibition shall not apply if there is a written contractual agreement or a written agency disclosure between the buyer and the real estate broker specifying that the real estate broker is acting exclusively for the buyer as a buyer’s broker.

It never ceases to amaze me how much influence the Realtor community can have on legislation. They are organized, powerful, well funded, and dedicated to protecting their interests. As an industry, we should take note and move that direction, if we are to forever rid ourselves as the tail being wagged by the dog.