Massive Foundation Failures Conn.

Let me know if you can open the link, I have a Times subscription so it’s hard for me to tell.

Yes sir/works. Good article, umm maybe B Dry, Everdry etc etc can talk all these homeowners into an interior basement system and sump pump.

Gotta love those lawyers and their class action lawsuits, the last of the entrepreneurs, making America great again.
Here are pictures from an ‘inspection’ I did a year or so ago. The first house has been abandoned for at least forty years, there is a crack in the foundation maybe 2 inches wide.
The collapsing house is about the same age and has no foundation at all, which appears to be a significant defect when compared to any kind of foundation :slight_smile:

Class action lawsuits can be a powerful and very useful method for a group of people to band together to take on a large company or corporation for damages.
Yes the lawyers profit from a successful outcome in court, but earn nothing if the suit goes nowhere.
Erin Brockovich was an example of this.

Thanks Tom.

I found a News segment on the matter that further explains the affects of Pyrrhotite in Concrete.

Quite a disaster for home owners in that area.

Thanks Marcel.

I guess now we’re going to have become, “Certified Pyrrhotite Inspector”. :wink:

I had never heard of that until you post.
Devastating affects on a concrete wall, that is for sure.