Mast bushing....

If the mast bushing is disconnected or hanging from the mast, should the municipal electric utility company be contacted or a qualified electrician to make repairs?

Hi debra,

in the 1st instance I would call the power company as the bushing is on “thier” side of the meter, they may well tell you to hire an electrcian though.



When you say Mast Bushing are you speaking of the Mast Support Isolator that the grounded conductor connects to in order to support the service drop? . Generally the electrician would install this and if it is indeed that and it is hanging then I would indeed contact the POCO and then line up an electrical contractor as they will need to install the bolt or insulator and then the POCO will need to come and re-connect to it…they both will work together.

BTW…Gerry…I did not forget ya fella…just trying to get back into swing after being away…I will be callin ya my brother…