Master Electrician's work

This is from a proposed M occupancy

Off hand, it looks possible that the old box/penetration was subject to water damage based on the staining lines, etc, and this new smaller box was substituted.

If the electrician who did the original box and signed off was not involved in the retrofit later, then who knows who’s handiwork we see know.

If a master electrician installed the new smaller box though, he should get the electric chair.


Complete hack work. I would believe master plumber installation not master electrician. :slight_smile:

Was called in for a renovation and then saw this mess.

I’d see if there was a date for the new box/ME’s sign-off to compare on the stickers, or any other documentation to allow dating who did what when…'cause I’m like that about this stuff.


Sounds like the renovation might need an extra

How about this one?

Nice little note. So what was the problem?

Lock out/tag out deficiency?


POCO left the note, then they called the inspectors.

The red should be orange.


Also most 3 phase 240/120 delta meters require the high leg to be installed on the far right terminal in the meter.

Ahhh, a photo and a trick question. No one would have known that without mentioning a Delta system. :wink:

haha. Busy day my friend.

Chicago used to have a very good system:

  1. All electrical work was done by union electricians (jorneymen).
  2. Each new installation used to carry a union label, which included the electricians name, date, company, license (city license) number and home and business telephone number.
  3. Any additional work (modifications) required an additional sticker label, UNDER the original label, with the same info.
  4. That stopped around 1974, for some reason.

At least it kept everyone honest, what with your home phone number being required and all.

Ahhh, the good old days.