Master Inspector Certification Board opening operations in South Africa.

We should have the website done by next week. We already have CMIs in SA.

Nick I get allot of bogus calls from Telemarketers so if you need help call my # and leave a message so I don’t miss the call.

Money talks!!


I’m glad to hear this.

I have an investment thing going with a prince from that area of the world that has something to do with my keeping $4.5 million dollars of his in my bank account for a while for a 25% cut. I’ve provided the necessary bank account information but have yet to be notified of any deposit.

Having a CMI down there to help me coordinate this will be helpful.

You got that prince asking you for help to James.
Pour guy.
I feel for him.
I would like to reach out and show him.
Show him true North American hospitality.

How so many want to help him with a helping hand or foot.

Get paid upfront before you give the the cert.
Make sure the information that states whom there are is not a fraud.