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I did not have time to read all of the messages on the master inspector network thread, however, in summation take a closer look at all the inspectors listed in the booklet on

All our staff, Ameripro that is, are listed as NACHI inspectors and CMI inspectors. Take a closer look at the definition of CMI that comes right after NACHI membership requirements and the answer is simple. Which association looks like they have their priorities together. And guess what, thanks to us it will be heavily marketed in our market. NACHI right now has no market share compared to one other association. Yes this is sales and marketing.

I have said it before that a second tier membership is critical in today’s world and if it is one with substance will knock the socks of any other association standard if marketed correctly to the general public.

CMI, makes NACHI look good in this booklet, no matter how this storey is spun.

Michael :slight_smile:

Take a hike.


You hop around the message board starting thread after thread with P.T. Barnum-like sound bites…but where is the beef?

The response you are so desperately seeking will not be made in response to your smoke and mirror presentations.

Take your ideas to our CMI Advisory Board. What are you afraid of?

I have seen few men of Michael’s breed that can humble
themselves to people, once they feel that have a right
to be in charge. It is an extremely hard thing to humble
yourself once you have moved hastily to grab power
and run over people in the process.

I have repeatedly requested that all present and future development and appointments relative to Mike Rowan and CMI be tabled until such time as Michael takes the time to reveal the entire vision and plan for CMI, along with logic, to the existing CMI Board.

It would appear that his numerous threads represents his numerous responses to your reasonable request.

Time for the board to can him and pick a new president, IMO.

James keeps saying CMI Advisory Board. If the Board is advisory, why is it necessary for Michael to involve them if he does not feel he needs their “advice”?

That’s a nice attitude we can look forward to with the new
and improved CMI.

“Hey, screw the the advisory board”.
“I can do it, so that makes it right”
“Who cares about previous agreements and how people
feel… screw them… I don’t care what anyone thinks,
screw them… I can lie when I damn well please…”.

It’s nice until someone screws you. Tell us what you do
when people lie to you and screw you, because they
think it’s their right to do so? Tell us how much you enjoy it.

I don’t think so.

nerly posted replacement site verbiage from Mr. Rowan:


***If you are here, you are truly concerned with either the liability of choosing the right inspector for your new home or building or you are looking for the best inspector based on full disclosure of their credentials. ***

***To become a Master Inspector in the home inspection industry, inspectors must have completed 1,000 inspections, education hours- credits or a combination of both and passed the qualification requirements of other associations in the industry. They must also comply with the strict codes of ethics of the same associations and provide a complete disclosure of their credentials and experience such as total number of fee paid home inspections conducted, number of years in the home inspection business, other qualifications or experience, insurance cover ages to mention a few. A full disclosure of inspector’s credentials will give you the peace of mind you deserve. ***



Its obvious, from the changes that I’ve posted, that someone whispered in Mike’s ear to knock it off. As I stated, and which is spelled out in this latest web verbiage provided by Mr. Rowan, the entry requirements have NOT changed nor have the educational requirements, as I predicted they would not and could not. Also, all that jive from the CMI description is dead. What a bunch of crap.

Is Mike doing better on his own, did he see the light, was he spoken to, or had he simply had enough? One thing’s for sure, is support base dissapeared in a hurry. Who cares, so long as the nonsense stopped.

Where this goes, we wil see. I will never give up having a watchful eye on this program.

As to the rest, time will tell.

Originally Posted by gromicko

No. Otherwise every organization that makes any change in membership requirements would have to throw out all its members and start all over. That would be stupid and nuts.

This is why we issued lifetime memberships to current designation holders… we may make another change to requirements… or another 20 changes in the future.*

Where is this from, Joe?



No surprise there. The requirements had changed once, but with concensus of those on the CMI Board. None of us have been removed, and Mike lacks the authority to remove any of us, despite whatever you may believe.

I entered my zip code into the search box for Master Inspectors,
and guess what?

I’m not in Michaels data base…

What a shock!!!

I thought Michael was starting to like me.

Pay him.

Dont feel alone even Nick is not listed

Since that site is still under constructed…

I’m not sure anyone is listed… or did I miss something?

BTW… Henry,

Thanks for the great work in promoting all the CMI inspectors at

Well done. Looks good.

I contacted the same company that did the lettering
on your vehicle and they made me some CMI logos
for my truck. They do nice work.


I understand that this listing is commercial. You pay to be a member of this network and then you will be added to its locator. It is owned by Mike Rowan, not CMI.

I tryed all of colorado and no hits.