Mavic 2 Enterprise Inspection Drone

DJI MAVIC 2 Enterprise Drone
Parting ways with my drone. Comes with all original accessories…nothing missing. Includes one battery.
This is not the Dual (infrared) but the Zoom model. This drone is particularly useful for home inspectors as it can record 4K video and has an optical zoom. I’ve found this to be very practical for roof inspections. In my experience, the optical zoom is a must-have. It’s necessary to be able to see the level of detail possible with walking the roof.

Battery indicates 20 charge cycles. Drone used less than 6 hours.
Perfect condition…not a scratch on it. Zero problems. Latest firmware.
Contact me with questions.

Asking $1900 plus shipping (about $32).

Todd Thuss, CPI
Integra Inspection Services, LLC

Todd, why are you parting ways with this drone?..out of curiosity.

I prefer to use a drone with FPV goggles instead of using a controller, tablet or phone for display The latest firmware update for the Mavic 2 Enterprise removed support for the goggles I have and DJI has not released a timeframe for future support.

I am switching to a different drone that still supports the goggles I have.

Very few people use goggles like I do. It’s a preference. Actually, you’re not supposed to be flying with goggles unless you have a spotter helping you.

I’ve never flown a drone so that is helpful.


Todd, what replacement did you decide on?


I swapped out the Mavic 2 Enterprise for a Mavic 2 Zoom and it works perfectly with the DJI Goggles. This combination is an extremely effective

Inspection tool.

If you don’t want to mess with the goggles, I’ve been told that the “smart controller” is a viable option. At first glance this is nothing more than a remote

Controller with an LCD screen, but apparently the screen is designed for visibility in sunlight conditions. I don’t know…haven’t tried it…but that goggles’ ability to control the camera gimbal simply by looking around is a hugely effective factor for me. I’m not sure too many people recognize how cool this is.

I have used the drone on maybe 3-4 inspections out of 120, but those few inspections would have been highly dangerous or impossible to do without the drone. I always prefer to walk the roof when possible. I’ve pushed it a few times and am training myself to use the drone whenever the pitch is above 8:12. As long as there are valleys, I tend to climb those regardless of the pitch. Hip roofs…no way. Out comes the drone.

The last inspection was in high winds and near-freezing temps but the drone struggled through it like a champ and got me the info I needed. It will burn power furiously in high winds trying to hold its position but it’s a remarkably useful tool.

I hope this helps.



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