Max Pressure

The pressure to this system was a bit excessive. I guess that’s why shutoffs were installed on the pressure-relief valves. . .




Wow… never seen it peg before. Was that on city or private well?


Well yea… The TPR is designed to open at 150psi. Only time I’ve ever seen it go that high is when my pressure valve broke.

City supply. It’s actually pretty common in these parts. . .

It looks like that one shutoff was even leaking!

Is a shutoff valve on the TPR smart? If the valve malfunctions and blocks the pressure from releasing isn’t that WH going to be flying to the moon…

No, it is dangerous.

Or beyond…

My original post was meant to be humorous. I guess I should have stated that these are unacceptable practices.

Pressure relief vales must never include a shutoff or other system that may inhibit their function.

In the case of the plumbing-system relief valve, the worst case might be a pipe burst, however, with regard to the water heater, this setup could result in catastrophic property damage, and possibly loss of life.

Mythbusters did a show on water heaters, building a mockup house then plugging the TRP on a water heater…