Maximizing Perceived Value.

For Home Inspectors: Maximizing Your Perceived Value - InterNACHI

Sounds good on paper but I have to operate my business on ROI;-):wink:

  1. Thermal Imaging

  2. Supply air duct camera scans

  3. Sewer line Scans:D:D

Starts off good…

…but perhaps you need to preach the issue regarding Home Inspection pricing FIRST!!!
I would bet a high percentage of new (and established) inspectors have NO clue what the true cost of operating their business is, thus base their FEE on what the local competition charges (who is even more ignorant in many cases), NOT their own unique needs.

While I agree that many, and perhaps most, inspectors do not understand how to analyze costs versus income when setting prices, I don’t see what their unique needs have to do with pricing. I may decide I “need” $450 to inspect a 3000 square foot home, but if there is a majority of inspectors who can convince the general public that they can do as good a job for $350, I will find myself with a lot of spare time on my hands.

When this time of year rolls around, I can tell the other inspectors are getting desperate because I win fewer inspections per opportunity. I have decided to stand firm and let this pass, and use my spare time taking care of marketing chores that I don’t have time to attend to during the rest of the year.

Bottom line, it is not the inspector, but the general public, that sets prices. The inspector who forgets this basic fact of economics creates a challenge for his/her self that is very difficult to overcome.