Maximum minimum slope soil stack?

Typically the minimum slope should be about 1/8 inch per foot. This was a 1920’s home that is being “flipped”. Looks more like a flop to me. S-trap under tub, kitchen wye pointed wrong direction, and a ski slope for the soil stack. Both the toilet and tub leaks. The vents in the walls were not visible, but they were above the roof line and reduced to 1-1/2 inches. Besides evaluation by a licensed plumbing contractor, would you say anything else.

Sort of gives new meaning to the phrase, “poop chute”…

That’s a good one. :slight_smile:


It is hard to imagine the person holding the wye in his hands, before installing it, and still placing it in that position. :shock: Maybe he learned that the stuff runs up hill.:roll: :mrgreen:

That’s to “slow the flow” before the drop-off. :smiley:

Are vertical soil stacks too steep in slope also?

Nope because nothing should stick in a vertical pipe. It’s my understanding that a slope that exceeds the 1/8 inch per foot will allow water to pass faster than the solids thus leaking to a clogged drain.

If I remember correctly before we had low flow toilets and the such it was 1/4 .

The sanitary tee in pic 3 is wrong as well.

The tub drain in pic 4 is a complete joke.

I was working my way up from the basement floor. By the time I got to the end…enough already! What a Sh_tty job. Got to love flippers! :roll:

There is a lot of “do over” in that one by a real plumber. :shock:

The best news I received was when I was told the home was previously inspected but that deal fell through. Nothing was mentioned in his report about the plumbing, lack of insulation, exposed incandescent bulbs in the new closets, no fire/co alarms…

I was told yesterday by the listing agent after my last post is that the “other guy” is a Realtor Friendly Inspector. I have never understood that mentality or how to ethically show the difference in the two inspections.

There are consumers that are getting screwed and this inspector gives us a bad name. I know it’s been going on for years but it just isn’t “The Truth” nor is it “Fair to all Concerned”. And there are many consumers that don’t do their due diligence before hiring an inspector but a bad inspector hurts the profession.

The listing agent uses me almost exclusively because the services we provide and that is the reason I received this feedback.

Hmm. According to many that post here there is no such person.

He’s not a member…:smiley: