MaxiPlank and D R Horton

I contracted DRH to build my home Oct 2004. Now 7 years later I have corners chipping off around the face nailing of the siding. Also the nails on installed in a slant on the corners. I have had DRH out 3 times, only for them to say they worked by code and the drought warm weather from last year caused this. I have walked my neighborhood and I do not find any other homes to look like mine. I have talked with the city to see what building code was required at the time of building, which was 2000. My paperwork showed it is HardiePlank but Hardie said it is not their pattern. So on the last trip DRH made was able to find out it is MaxiPlank. We have called many inspectors to come out but being no one wants to get involved. Want can I do, please.

Thank you,
Zoe and Bruce Fallgren
Kyle, TX 78640

You have a warranty on the house but you have to read it as different parts are warrantied for different amounts of time. You file a claim with the warranty. You might also have to go to arbitration if you don’t want to take it to court. Most warranties have an arbitration clause in them. I would suggest you get the manufactures installation instructions as they were for when your home was built and get that in writing from the manufacture. I would also find out if they can tell you if there is someone in your area that has been trained to install that siding. You want an expert to come out and look at your house. Get everything in writing and if you have an arbitrator come out make sure to get the expert to be there even if you have to pay their time.

I get many calls where there may be some contention with a product, builder, installer or landlord that can’t be resolved in my office by a phone call.
Most often home owner/occupant is unwilling to pay any or a reasonable fee for the office and on site time and effort required to perform the services requested.
Many think their problems or concerns should be absorbed by the inspector for little more than gas money, if that.
Plan on paying professional money for the professional services you are requesting.