Maybe crawlspaces aren't so bad after all

Draw inspection today on a home where they were spraying polyethylene (soy-based) insulation. Respirator required near the spray area. Very toxic!

Look for excessive cracking and poor adhesion with this stuff.

Toxic soy beans?

I know beans can give you gas, but I didn’t think they could REALLY kill you!

Tofu, sauce, fuel, insulation and…pretty remarkable plant

United Soybean Board ]( American Soybean Association,
BioBased Systems (spray foam insulation)
Construction Polymers International (spray foam insulation),
BioPolymers (foam insulation)
[ Urethane]( Urethane) Soy Systems (SoyOyl® and rigid foam insulation) Emega Technologies (soy-based insulated concrete form manufacturing system)
Heartland Resource Technologies (soy-protein adhesives for engineered wood)

If it is like foam board It must be fire protected (like foam board) I think it can gives off gas. (Cyanide I think )

On their web site it says it must be covered . Write it up. 4.3 Thermal barrier , sounds like they admit that.
… Cookie


If you’re standing and spraying over your head, it’s not a crawlspace…:mrgreen:

I talked to the contractor for about half an hour. He explained the whole process. He talked mostly about parts A and part B (in color-coded drums in the back of a truck) and how they ran in separate tubes to the gun and once they left the nozzle, cured in 10 seconds. The line carrying parts A and B has to be heated. In all that time he said nothing about soy beans though, and more’s the pity becuae they are a pretty amazing bean as Barry points out.

walk space!

If I can walk it, it is known by another name.

A basement.

Hope this helps;


In my area, it all depends on the floor finish.

Any area 18" to 18’ high is a crawl, if the floor is earth and requires ventilation and vapor barrier.
If the area has a concrete finished floor, it a basement or anything you want to call it.