Maybe I'm just ignorant

But I can’t figure a way to post pictures. I am sure this has been discussed before so just sending me to the right place for an answer will be helpful. What happens is:
I create an album in my profile section as instructed then try to open the album to insert a picture.
The album does not open. Is there a program I am missing to open the album file; do I have a setting that blocks the album from opening?
The only instructions I have found here say to create an album and then open the album. Cannot find the work around.
Thanks in advance!

Click on the blue Edit button.
Click on the Go Advanced button.
Click on the icon that looks like a PIC of a mountain.
Click on the Browse… button.
Click on your photo.
Click on the Open button.
Click on the Upload button.
Click on the Save Changes button.

Will try it now Nick
Thank you

Nice tutorial here for anyone who has trouble.

Images and Attachments on the InterNACHI Message Board

Ok I am now confirming my ignorance!
Nick-click the edit button starting where? I found a bunch in the control panel but none seem to pertain to photos.
Michael-thanks for the tutorial but all I get is a blank page.

The edit button is at the bottom on any posts you make.

See my link for the tutorial above too.


When you create ANY post (not just a EDIT to an old post), next to the Quick Reply button below is a Go Advanced button, click it…
Write your post as you wish…

NOW… scroll down and click the Manage Attachments button…

You will now see the standard Browse and Upload buttons like in any other program you see, along with the specs for different file types that you can upload.

After uploading your pics, close the above window, and click Submit Reply.

Thanks Jeffery. Think I got it now

You bet. Anytime.