Maybe Steve Should Inspect His Ad!

And get the incorrect S-trap out of it :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

It always drives me nuts how common it is for people to show an incorrect S-trap on plumbing ads or at the big-box store aisle icons. It’s no wonder so many homeowners do it wrong.


What’s wrong with showing an incorrect trap that has problems, eg. leaking causing flooding?!
He is advertising for Plumbing Inspections, is he not?


My money says that is condensation from the AC blowing on it.

Is he saying he can walk on water?

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LOL, I can’t even drive down the road without inspecting the roofs I pass. I am no longer able to “turn it off”.


I’ve never seen homeowners do it wrong. They just bought old houses that used to do it that way. It’s actually easier to plumb into the wall than run a drain line across the floor.

The ad has a magnifying glass on a leaking s-trap. Well done! Why are you so critical?

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Okay, so I suppose since this guy is inspecting/fixing it I should give him a break. I just see this all the time at the Plumbing aisle at HD, Lowe’s etc. It’s just strange to show a wrong installation as an icon of your service or plumbing in general.

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I like the ad.

The ones that get me are where some new hack tradesmen promotes an ad on Facebook posing proudly next to a job they did. You instantly notice problems. The comments are full of other tradesmen pointing out improper installation and code violations. (None of the comments about code violations are by home inspectors. There is only one home inspector in the entire world that is allowed to do so.) Instead of promoting the business, they are self-destructing it.


When we walk into someone’s house, my wife reminds me that I am not inspecting it.


Same here, seems the ones with missing shingles and exposed decking materials get my immediate attention.

And right or wrong, I’ve informed neighbors of accidents waiting to happen due to their weekend warrier constructed decks. In my mind it’s the right thing to do because if something bad were to happen I’d never forgive myself for not saying something.


I’ll confess I check toilets to see if they are loose, look at roofs, missing shingles, missing termination caps at vents etc. I guess it is a sickness we develop as a professional in the trade over the years…Could be worse I guess…I wonder if Proctologists lose a lot of friends after being invited to social gatherings?

Oh and by the way…Steve is a Drip!


I see @$$ holes all the time and I’m not in the trade. Ohio probably requires a license for that.

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