“Mayhem in Melbourne”

So I guess you are declining all the invites Joe. I told you if you show your first beer is on me.

No thanks… I never had any intention of attending, as a matter of fact I’d have to be sentenced by a court of law to consider making the trip and even then I’d still probably skip out. Not my cup of tea.

Mike, are you trying to take over? It was a couple of months ago when I offered to buy Joey a beer. He let out a scream like a hysterical school girl and ran for the hills. You and I have a better chance of falling pregnant than getting Joey to come to the meeting and joining either of us for a drink (even if we pay for the drink).

Wll I guess will will just have to have one without him. :smiley:

I don’t drink and if I did drink, I’d drink alone.

Screw you your nothing to me, besides I don’t drink and if I did drink, I’d drink alone.

I think that is because you are not a very charming fellow Joeseph thurston burkeson of square one inspections South West Florida’s classiest inspector.

:smiley: Ahhhh ha ha ha I guess you remembered last time and already started deleting. I am going to tell Aubrey what you said…

Who cares really?

Good night joey. You are not worthy tonight. Get some rest and maybe something to say will come to mind while you sleep.

Don’t worry about Mikey I know you drink heavily and you have a big day inspecting tomorrow. good night. :wink:

Say what?

Who said that?

I can’t hear you?

Please I hope the rest of you are watching it… he is losing it right now live.

Anyone want to see a fake quote. Impersonating a contractor should be a crime. Check out the attachment in case he deletes the original.

***There is a change in the undercard fight ! No guarantee on one of the fighters showing up ! ***

Undercard Fight
*** CMI takes on Conspector fight ***

**On the undercard is NACHI Super welter weight champion Joe Burkson CMI takes on number one contender Michael Meeker GC for NACHI Super welter weight championship belt ! **

Can the General Public see this thread?
I hope not!

YEPP!! No problem!

Yes I wonder if it is against the C.O.E. to impersonate a Contractor that is a fellow member. Joe has impersonated me by making a fake quote see my post above. I would like to file that as a complaint. As of 10:29 am it is still there, anyone wanna bet he erases it? As you can all see I have begun to quote him so he can no longer act as if nothing happens. All the quotes I have posted are authentic as I would never stoop so low as to impersonate someone.

Certainly is shaping up to be a most educational, informative and entertaining meeting… not in that order.