“Mayhem in Melbourne”

Good night joey. You are not worthy tonight. Get some rest and maybe something to say will come to mind while you sleep.

Don’t worry about Mikey I know you drink heavily and you have a big day inspecting tomorrow. good night. :wink:

Say what?

Who said that?

I can’t hear you?

Please I hope the rest of you are watching it… he is losing it right now live.

Anyone want to see a fake quote. Impersonating a contractor should be a crime. Check out the attachment in case he deletes the original.

***There is a change in the undercard fight ! No guarantee on one of the fighters showing up ! ***

Undercard Fight
*** CMI takes on Conspector fight ***

**On the undercard is NACHI Super welter weight champion Joe Burkson CMI takes on number one contender Michael Meeker GC for NACHI Super welter weight championship belt ! **

Can the General Public see this thread?
I hope not!

YEPP!! No problem!

Yes I wonder if it is against the C.O.E. to impersonate a Contractor that is a fellow member. Joe has impersonated me by making a fake quote see my post above. I would like to file that as a complaint. As of 10:29 am it is still there, anyone wanna bet he erases it? As you can all see I have begun to quote him so he can no longer act as if nothing happens. All the quotes I have posted are authentic as I would never stoop so low as to impersonate someone.

Certainly is shaping up to be a most educational, informative and entertaining meeting… not in that order.