Mayor of North Oaks, Minnesota presents Certified Master Inspector award.

Congrats Paul:


Oh! No! Not Paul again…
What a slut puppy…:smiley:

Great work Paul…
How much did you havta’ pay him?
In addition, What’s up with you yankees and the friggin’ tweed jackets.
Did they have a special at Walmart?:cool:

Hey that jacket was tailored for me (at Walmart.) 8)

Not as nice as the sleeveless shirts you wear down South though.
This guy dress more your style?


Is that your brother?
Family picture time again…Huh?

Where the hell is North Oaks, Minnesota?
Who the hell would wanna live there?
Is that out pass BFE?
I just looked it up, there is a whopping population of …Get this… 4,691.
Does the Mayor also serve as justice of the peace and dog catcher ?
I’ve got you beat by 961 souls…High Springs Florida’s population…5,535.

Have a great evening Brother… I’m cold and it is a friggid 47 degrees with 52% humidity .
I’m movin’ to Florida…

Way to go, Paul Lesieur!!!

Oh, good God! As if his head wasn’t swollen enough already! :mrgreen:

Minnesota culture dictates that you take care of your drinking buddies! :shock:

I like the jacket. I have one almost exactly like it. You almost can’t wrinkle the thing, it looks good every time.

Jacket is tailored. I had my measurements taken and sent them to an online bespoke suit tailor . Real tweeds.

Half what I paid at Macy’s for a suit and all suits from Macy’s are made overseas somewhere. Unless you want to pay a couple of thousand bucks minimum you can’t get an American made suit