MBJ's and neutral buses

Hello! Should the Main Bonding Jumper be attached on the same neutral bus bar as the SEC Neutral coming in and the grounding GEC that is leaving the main Panelboard or could they be located on different neutral bus bars within the same main panelboard and be effective?

thank you

Assuming I understand your question, then the answer is the MBJ can be on a bus not directly bonded to the neutral conductor lug but still bonded to the “first” neutral conductor and grounding bus, also assuming all other things in the panel are put together correctly.
Do you have a photo representing your question?

Are you saying that the panel has more than one neutral bus or are you referring to a neutral bus on each side of the panel that are tied together? The MBJ and the GEC can land anywhere on the neutral bus.

I am referring to a neutral bus that has two vertical strips in the same panel that are tied together. Thankyou for getting back to me Robert!..that was awesome, So if the bare wire comes in on the SEC and ties in on the neutral bus on the left,and the GEC follows suit and leaves the panel after tying in to the neutral bus on the left…as long as they are tied together the MBJ can be strapped in over on the right neutral bus strip.

That is correct. Even though the neutral bus may be in two sections, one on each side, there is still only one neutral bus. The service neutral, main bonding jumper (MBJ), grounding electrode conductor(s) (GEC) and supply side bonding jumper (SSBJ) if there is one can terminate anywhere on either side.