McCain delivers Speech of the Century!

that was Hysterical !!!

It looks like McCain has a future in stand up comedy waiting for him in 2009 …

Obama was even funnier.

Take off the rose colored glasses Bob.:shock:

McCain won that round. Obama didn’t look nearly as prepared as he normally does. Delivery was off. But I love the part when Obama said something to the effect of, “I never knew Al Smith, but Senator McCain said they had some good times prior to prohibition…”

Al Smith the 5th is one of my best friends from college. His pops is the guy to the left of the podium. Great family with great heritage.

How could anyone take a political affiliation from my above post that the speech was funny???but thanks for the red square to the coward that was too afraid to sign it …get a life !!!:roll:

I have to agree.

Both were very funny.