McCain on the Verge of Losing Georgia?

This little revelation oughta toast Kenny’s chestnuts, don’t you think? :p:mrgreen::stuck_out_tongue: Obama… Georgia on my mind. :smiley:


State has voted GOP for president for 16 years, but Obama may target Georgia again

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The DeKalb County Republican Party chairman, a long-time John McCain backer, said this week that the Republican’s campaign has left Georgia to chance.

But while Jamie Sibold and others worry McCain has taken the state for granted, campaign leaders insist that all is well, and that Georgia will remain comfortably red.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama’s Georgia operation is geared up for the stretch run, but whether the Democratic nominee puts more of his considerable resources here remains to be seen.

Two weeks out and here’s the state of the race in Georgia: McCain enjoys a lead ranging from a high of 6 percentage points to a low of 2, according to the past week’s worth of polls. Both campaigns are focused on the ground game, as early voting continues until next Friday. Turnout so far has been heavy, with a disproportionate number of votes from African-Americans, who tend to vote Democrat. One poll showed Obama with a double-digit lead among early voters.

Obama has spent millions in the state on advertising, offices and staff and has nearly 5,000 trained volunteers. McCain has spent considerably less and has no offices or paid staff. The size of his volunteer army is unknown.

There have been signs that Obama wants to target Georgia again, more than a month after ending a $2 million advertising campaign in the state. With polls showing the race here tightening, Obama national campaign chairman David Plouffe told supporters this week that “we’re always on the lookout for expansion,” after specifically mentioning Georgia.