McCain takes it straight to the kitchen Table!

You can’t deny he will go to work for us! He laid it right on the kitchen table and said this is my intention as your President! Nothing dramatic at all, just straight talk! Not bad…not bad at all!

Politics aside, this is one hell of a man. I would be proud to have him as my President.

Yawn, totaly underwhelming and of no substance.

News Flash, it turns out John McCain was a POW in Viet Nam, who knew?
Great platform to run on. It’s over for him, put a fork in him.

Talk about your empty suit!

Joe this thread was supposed to be about McCains promises he made last night. Not about Obama! No thread drift please!!!

“I don’t work for a party…I work for you.”

Sounds like he is already walking away from the party who rejected him 8 years ago.

Who is the “you” he was talking to?

This guy is not for any specific party…he’s for himself and will do or say anything to gain the power he has craved all of his life.

Too unpredictable to put within arm’s reach of the red button, if you ask me.

James, you’re smarter than that.

He’s trying to get the votes of the independents and undecideds.:roll:

Will it work? Who knows. He hasn’t convinced me yet.

His talk of reaching across the aisle to get things done scares the crap out of me. Those across the aisle have no interest in him succeeding.

McCain is trying to do what Goldwater tried and Reagan succeded in doing.

The Party, as we have seen, has gotten all messed up. During the period when the Repubs had control of congress, they messed up and started acting like Dems (spending, earmarks, pork, being stupid and trying to be politically correct). They were voted out, and rightly so.

During this time, McCain stayed (mostly) faithful to conservative principles and fiscal responsibility. So, the party strayed, McCain did not.

Now, he is trying to call the party back to where it should be. Fiscal responsibility, strong military and foriegn policy, smaller government, less regulation, etc. Sure, he would like to change a few things, but smart change has always been a conservative principle.

Here, in general, are the two positions. You choose which one you want.

Obama - Everything is messed up and we have to change everything. We need higher taxes, bigger government and more government control. We should just be part of the world community, not its leader. Everyone should be taken care of. Those who work harder, smarter and succeed more should be taxed to pay those who don’t.

McCain - Some things are messed up and we have to change those, but many things are working OK. We need to keep taxes down and cut government spending and help where government can help but otherwise get out of the way. We are, and should be, the leader of the free world. Everyone who can’t help themselves should be helped, but those that can, will and those that won’t have to learn that there ain’t no free lunches. Everyone should succeed, but people make that choice for themselves.

I.e., Obama, change everything. McCain, change fix what is broken.

BTW: McCain’s speech was way more specific, with regards to policy, than Obama’s, I woud challange each of you to check out the specifics on their respective web sites. You will find, there, that Mcain is WAY more specific.

The reason? If Obama was totally clear and specific, no one whould vote for him.

Hope this helps;