I don’t care what your politics are…You have to admire John McCain for all of his service and sacrifice for this country.

A true American Hero


Win loose or draw he is that.

No doubt but unfortunately that service & sacrifice does not equate to leadership and decision making skills. If were just electing a figurehead then he might be the perfect guy, especially with his trophy VP, but America is in desperate need of leadership to bring us back from the 8 disastrous years of the Bush administration and McCain simply promises more of the same failed Bush agenda.

No Cigar!

I tried to post an apolitical comment and you get all political on me!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Obama supporters cannot be apolitical…

A true American hero!

Life is political, get over it.

To me, a political leader is not someone who just goes with the polls. Sure, the polls (may) indicate what the people want, but people, usually, don’t know what they need.

A leader, in the political sense, has to have clear plans and ideas and goals and a plan to change things from how they are to where he thinks they should be. Then, he has to teach, educate and inspire the people to follow him (because a leader is always in front) in his plans and towards his goal.

Reagan had clear ideas and a plan to implement them, He spoke to the people and explained his goals. Then, he got out in front and lead. Sure, many said that he was wrong and “wouldn’t compromise”, but a leader does not “compromise” (at east not very much) because to do so would be to compromise his goals. Reagan went above his political opponents and the press (which hated him) and spoke directly to the people. He lead.

Clinton, on the other hand, had great support from the politicians and chattering classes, but had no read plan for himself. He kept changing his mind depending upon what the polls showed. The people had no clear idea of what they wanted or how to get there (they rarely do) and so Clinton kept following whatever was “popular” and kept changing his direction, never to have a clear direction or goal.

I would hope, and it it not yet proved, that McCain would be able to do this. He knows what he wants to accomplish and has a plan to do it. His is stubborn enough to get it done, even in the face of the chattering classes and the press.

Just my opinion, based upon my experience.

And that folks is we hold elections, one ideology will win over the other in November, make sure your vote is counted.

I totally agree, Joe.

I also hope we can agree that the differences in these two ideologies and candidates are clear.

So, the decision should be an easy one.

It is as obvious as the nose on your face… We can choose change or four more years of the same failed Bush policies, as in McSame.

Your candidate has no message of his own so he has chosen to cloak himself in red-white-&-blue nationalism peppered with religious innuendo, may the best candidate win.

Change will happen either way. The question remains.

What will the changes be?

And here we were getting along so well :mrgreen:

This “four more years of Bush” crap is a Democrat talking point. Nothing more.

Bush ain’t running. and neither is Chaney.

To say otherwise is just a bait-and-switch trick.

McCain has his own message and policies, with many of them differing from Bush. Check it out for yourself.

I do not claim any political association. With that said, I would be cautious about anyone making predictions. What if you are wrong? That is a lot of crow to eat, and served by many.

True he only voted with Bush 90% of the time. :o

And how does the #1 liberal(Obama) and #3 liberal(Biden)line up with the liberal point of view Hmmmmm!:roll:

Obama voted with McCain 80% of the time.

Good point:D