MCS Licence Update

Subject: Home Inspector Qualifications - Update Bulletin

Consultation Update

On December 11, 2013, the 16-member volunteer panel of home inspectors, consumers, representatives from real estate, law, education and insurance industries, submitted their final report titled, A Closer Look: Qualifying Ontario’s Home Inspectors, to the Minister of Consumer Services.

The report makes 35 recommendations to strengthen the home inspector profession and increase protection for consumers who purchase home inspection services.

The ministry posted the panel’s report on the Regulatory Registry for public review and comment for 45 days. Approximately 140 public responses were received.

No decision has been made at this time regarding licensing or qualifications. The ministry is currently reviewing the panel’s recommendations and the public’s feedback on the panel’s report. The ministry anticipates more information on next steps later this Spring.

The ministry appreciates the time and effort many people have given throughout this public engagement process. Please let us know if you have further advice or wish to be included on future updates be sending an email to

New Video

The ministry has produced a consumer video on the importance of hiring a home inspector and what to expect from a home inspection. It’s the newest addition in a series of consumer protection videos called The Experts Speak. We encourage you to share this video to help inform more people about home inspectors. This video may be viewed at The Experts Speak


David Brezer

Director, Consumer Policy and Liaison Branch

Ministry of Consumer Services

Raymond I want your honest opinion of the video.
I wish to address the way in which it is best to do the Inspection.


Each to their own!
Nobody cares how you or I ,for that matter ,go about conducting our inspections.

Actually it does Doug!
Since the video will be viewed by many Home Owners it matters a great deal as to what they expect out of a Home Inspector.

Kevin, I thought it was self serving.

It does nothing to allay the perceived view by the public that home inspectors are a bunch of unregulated cowboys.

Further I don’t think it wise for a government body which cannot back up the claims it has made that this profession is rife with complaints.

TJ makes it very clear that he conducts inspections this way but others may be different.

If memory serves there is another part of the video that states the inspector should explain the terms of their inspection and agreement clearly. Make an effort to manage the client’s expectations, in other words. Anyone that does not take this step is asking for trouble, IMHO

That should take care of your apparent concern or are you just being difficult or …