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As many of you know, Maryland has had a huge increase in fatal fires this year. We are still on track to reach a record number of fire deaths this year after 20 years of decline. This is a national problem too. After talks last month with Maryland Fire Officials, the NACHI Foundation stepped up to help out. We began our Safe House Campaign with a partnership with the Maryland State Fire Marshal's office. We have also forged some National partnerships recently.

As you see in the above news article, four more victims were claimed yesterday. They all fall in the most at risk categories. Children and elderly. These at risk groups are most at need for early warnings to get out of a fire alive. There were NO smoke alarms however.

In light of this recent tragedy, I will be helping the Fire Marshal's office by going to houses with them in the community on a date to be determined. We will check for smoke alarms, test them, and offer replacements as necessary. We need your help. After a recent fatal fire in Baltimore County, the Fire Marshal did the same thing. They went to 200 homes. They found over 40 with no smoke alarms, and another 50 with non working alarms. So almost half of the houses were in need of protection.

Please consider offering a few hours of your time to help. If you cannot get away, please consider a pledge to the NACHI Foundation to help. If you are outside of Maryland, and realize that this is a problem in every community, please consider a pledge that can be used on a national level in our national efforts. If any of you have tragedies like this in your areas, let's see if we can do a similar thing there.

Thanks in advance for the help. Remember all donations are 100% tax deductible. You can volunteer your help by emailing me at

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