MDCA for Glazing on doors

I had an agent tell me that the carrier says that they need documentation for the rating of the window portion of these doors. I was under the impression that unless the sticker says otherwise, the window is rated. Most stickers on the doors will say “If glazed, Non-Impact”. These are the two doors in question. Am I wrong?

You may have problems with those doors. All Stanley approvals and NOAs were rescinded. Was there an etching in the glass?

Where does this information come from? I am not sure that is true - Here is a link to an NOA for Stanley door that sure appears to be valid to me…

Not that our inspector noted. I’ll have to get in touch with the homeowner. Thanks.

Yeah, I can find a few too. Maybe it was just the garage doors, but all approvals are now expired. A senior auditor/underwriter told me that years ago.

We see so few properties in our area that qualify for the opening protection discount that I am not as versed in this subject as some.

Note that the NOA that I sent the link to was issued June 2015 with a 2018 expiration…

Your NOA is not Stanley Door Systems. But I did find one (non-glazed with non-impact sidelights) . Also The OP’s label did not include DCA PA-201…I would not call that door impact rated.

Hmmmm - Same company with a name change perhaps? Stanley Door Systems is not even listed as a vendor on the Product Approval site…

Or the Miami/Dade site.

It looks like to me Stanley is manufacturing commercial grade doors from what I can see on there website. Is this why they didn’t get the NOA’s re approved. I am not sure, never ran into a Stanley residential door in my area.

I would have a talk with that inspector…Say hey to Heather and Lauren.:wink:

The top picture shows pa202 and pa203, i dont see pa 201. The bottom picture says that the door requires shutters. Stanley doors were common in hvhz, name change long ago and all noas are expired. Miami dade county has them in archives. I have saved the common ones since they are hard to get

If the NOA is expired, but was valid at the time of installation, does the the product still get credit today?

As I mentioned before, I may have run across 4 homes that got opening protection credits…

Yes, credit is good for approvals valid at time of installation. But, you have to remember that not all NOA’s for windows and doors verify the unit is impact rated by itself. Sometimes, rated storm panels are required too. The same goes for MDCA and DCA on the labels.

That part I knew…

Will do. Thanks.

Thanks for all the info everybody.