Means of disconnect

If you have a house or even a condo/villa, and the house electrical disconnect or main breaker is located outside, then the electrical panel is located in the garage on the other side of the house and has no main breaker/cutoff, so I guess that panel is considered a sub-panel, is it okay that the disconnect is outside the house? The panel in the garage has more than 6 throws to turn the power off to each breaker unless you go outside. Is that okay to have your only means of disconnect outside the house like that?

1st Point of disconnect.

Yes, The main breaker is part of the ‘Service Equipment’ the panel is considered a panelboard and is exempt from the six-switch rule.

The important thing to remember that in panelboards the feeder must be 4-wire and the ground & neutral are isolated (not bonded).

Okay thank you.