Meat with fish hooks found at Volusia County dog park

What kind of a bas*tard would do such a thing…
I hope he/she gets hit by a big truck.

I knew a dumb a-s lab that ate a few rigged ballyhoo while on a friends boat…I said the vet should have put a zipper in instead of stitches :slight_smile:

I agree with what should be done to the piece of crap who did that or he should have to eat them.

I am a Hunter and Fisherman and HATE people that abuse animals almost as much as those who abuse children. I guess that is why I never thought I would be a “Good” Cop :slight_smile:

Now, by my way of thinking I would have been a great one :slight_smile: I would have lots of things laying around just in case they needed something to fight with in the afterlife :slight_smile:

Ought Oh…Here comes Rosie…:twisted::roll: