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Do you offer specialty inspections such as Mechanical Inspections or Structural Inspections to your clients? Say someone didn’t want a full fledged home inspection but was interested in one the above. What is included in a mechanical and/or structural inspection? Mechanical would include:electric, plumbing, HVAC, garage door openers, disposal, basically anything mechanical right? Structural would include the ?roof?, exterior, attic, interior walls, crawl space and or basement. What am I missing or leaving out? OHHHH What about Pre-Listing inspections, these are as in depth as a whole house inspection are they? What do they include?

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Many companies offer different levels of inspection services depending on their states and level of comfort. The top of the food chain is often referred to as a “Technically Exhaustive Inspection” or similar which usually involves independent engineers (structural, HVAC, electrical…) performing their part of the inspection which is included in the overall package. Other times we inspectors depending on the situation will need to call in specialist from engineers to licensed electricians and plumbers to perform their part…

Pre-listing inspections should be no different than that of a whole house inspection for the buyer... it is just a different client... the sellar wants to know what is wrong prior to listing to ensure he/she/they can get things fixed and obtain top dollar for their home when listed/sold.

Inspections can be broken down into sub parts or specialty inspections, but I believe it is better to get the whole house inspected than just the structure and walk with blinders on when passing the furnace, electrical etc...

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Jeff pretty much summed it up pretty well.

My advice to you is to always give your client a full report no matter what.
If you have a client that is requesting a partial inspection, always highlight or make known areas of the home that were not inspected.

I will always write in big letters "Not Inspected" throughout every component that was not inspected and I have my client sign every uninspected component throughout my report.

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