Mechanics 100 point inspection

Why is it Mechanics can do an inspection on a vehicle and then turn around and do the work on the vehicle but home inspectors are not supposed to, I have been doing home maintenance work for a family for 5 years and now they are planning to move, they asked me about doing a home inspection for them when they find a place and I explained to them the whole conflict of interest thing to them and they said they trust me, morally I know I can’t but I hate passing this up.

Nice new icon ya got there Greg!


that idea might be as bad as whoever came up with the free estimates approach, I was losing 6 to 10 hours a week with my home maintenance and repair work because I had to do what everybody else was doing and giving free estimates. I started charging a job assessment fee a year ago and still have work every day.

Thanks Marc, I had an idea on what I wanted but InterNaci’s team polished it up for me about five years ago

So this would be a different property than the ones you have worked on?

Yes it would be a different property but I know for sure that I will be doing the work for them

So I cannot turn down the long-term maintenance calls over a $300-400 home inspection