Mechanic's Lien Inspections for title companies

Hello All, I need to ask a question on a specific type of home inspection. A title company approached me and asked if I could do a “mechanic’s lien inspection.” basically I would be taking a photo of the front of a property that has recently closed or is closing to make sure that there was no work being done to the property at the time of inspection. i.e. bulldozer, scaffolding on the property or people working on the subject property that could possibly lien the property. Normally Title companies do this inspection “in-house,” but they wanted to get a licensed home inspector to do the inspection to satisfy their underwriters requirements.

What could be the caveats for this type of inspection? The title co. says that I do not need to be a home inspector to do this type of work (since it is not an actual home inspection). my main concern being that I am becoming internachi certified and I do not want to violate any sort of ethics or standards. Also, there is no pre-inspection agreement because it is not an actual home inspection. With that in mind, I also need some disclaimer language that I can “small print” on the reports themselves.

Any information would be helpful.

It’s fine from an ethics standpoint. Watch your liability. Don’t work without a contract whether theirs or yours. Make sure you know when/how you are going to be paid. Negotiate your price, don’t just take their first offer. Did I say watch your liability?


Chuck is right, watch the liability. It is entirely possible it’s easy money. But when a company changes “the way they normally do things” flags go up for me. Even if it’s all on the up and up, often the “folks in the office” don’t know the new system well or all its implications yet and the situation goes fubar…

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independent contractor agreement copy.pdf (489.2 KB)

Thanks for the feedback everyone.

I just wrote this agreement this afternoon. Do you all think it is sufficient to protect my business?

Ryan, we are not attorneys, however InterNACHI has a free attorney that can look at the document for you and possibly help you. Email to: for his contact info.

Best to you.

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