Mechcanical Warranty

Wondering if anyone has any thoughts on people who offers a 90 day warranty on water heaters, furnace, appliance? Have couple of guys in the area doing this. The warranty isn’t much better than the paper it is written on, because if you use the item the warranty is void. People only hear what they want to hear and don’t read what the paper actually says. Kind of hard to get around this other than being up front about it and telling them to actually read the contract before they sign.

Lynn W. Gerving

who are the guy’s offering this? HI’s or contractors or warranty co’s ?

Lynn, here is a link on something similar that was discussed.

Also try a search of the message board on American Home Warranty…there has been alot of disscusion (pros and cons) of these 90 and 120 day warranties.


It is one of our Home Inspector members in this area. I don’t know if it is one of the companies listed on the next reply or not, but I have heard horror stories from people after they try to get a claim filed. Trouble is this is too late for us to pick up the inspection work.

One of the warranties I read a couple of year ago stated everything was under a 90 day warranty until it is used. Then the warranty is void. Good warranty.

Lynn W. Gerving

Thanks for the information. I will check into something like this, all though most of the time it isn’t needed, but it is a selling gemic for some.

Lynn W. Gerving