Media Stuff on Kansas Licensing

Some of you may not be aware of it, but it seems that the Kansas Realtors along with a few members of the Wichita based KAREI / ASHI group is hitting news media with stories about how badly licensing was needed in Kansas; how the Realtors and KAREI supported it; the governor done us wrong; etc; etc

Seen articles in Wichita, Topeka and just today heard that KC television channel is planning a news feature on this. Maybe using local ASHI member for interview.

Bet money it will be a piece on how many people suffer from bad HI’s, etc, etc and how vitally needed home inspection licensure is.

KSHB had a story about it last night. They did indeed have a local ASHI (also NACHI) inspector on although they didn’t identify him as an inspector, or have his name or the name of his company on the screen. I know him. He’s a friend of mine. I think I’ll call him today and offer him a tissue to dry his tears.

I can’t find the story or video on their site or Facebook page. Unfortunately, I had my wife delete it from the DVR because I assumed I would be able to find it online today.

is this it… Roy

That’s it Roy. Thanks.
Your Google-fu is strong.

Andrew, is it just me or have you been absent from the message board for a while? Ge over to CO this summer so we can mine for gold.

I have been. I’ll have to come around here more often.
CO is definitely on the agenda. I was thinking about September if I can swing it. Now that my wife is back working in the US full time, we might be able to actually take a week off together. :smiley:

I believe his name is Nick W. I hear he makes money off of doing repairs that he and his assistants “find” also. I have probably have said enough. My realtor friends know him all too well.

It has always been amazing to me how some RE’s complain about HI’s, but continue using the same, basic, minimal non-alarmists. If an agent does not like their HI, find another one: like a Certified Master Inspector. If a fellow HI complains to the media/message boards about other HI’s, he is just complaining because he now needs to step-up his own game to compete.

Any HI that offers to do repairs should not be an HI. But this continues. Money flows.

Over 80% of real estate agents will not suggest a CMI, or any other experienced home inspector. I have been asked to leave RE offices, because of my CMI status. They know I will write reports and perform inspections to the best of my ability, and have a stronger chance to alarm home buyers. These RE’s and office brokers wanted licensing so they could hire minimalist, licensed inspectors, by law, to CYA.

It is all backwards. Governor Brownback of Kansas saw the right way, and did the right thing.

For what it’s worth, to my knowledge, neither Nick nor anyone who works for him does repairs. I think your information is incorrect. I don’t just know of him, I know him, like his dog wouldn’t bite me if I came in and he wasn’t home. He’s an ASHI/Licensing proponent and apologist, but that’s the extent of it.

Gary … I know Nick personally. He’s a decent inspector and good competition

One of my agents had a bad transaction with him. Story was ugly, and cost the owner of the home thousands. I was surprised that an inspector would charge thousands to do the repairs on his own report. Perhaps it was another inspector, but agent quoted the name. Often when these things spin, who knows for sure. But it was ugly, and owner was considering going to court at the time. For the record, I have never met him, so I cannot judge. I have not done inspections with the agent for months due to the litigation. No calls to me yet for expert witness.

I will find out for sure. Apologies to Nick W.

Edit July 11: It was a Rick, not Nick.

Gary … I don’t believe MOST of what agents tell me.

Last year I was on an inspection and the buyer left for awhile to go get coffee and doughnuts. As soon as the buyer left the agent tried tearing into me about how PISSED she was they chose me BECAUSE after I had missed all the roof and structural issues for her pastor 2 years ago she’d told everybody she knew to steer away from me.

I’ve never met the broad. I asked her for the pastors name and house address. When I got home, I looked both up … NEVER been there. Called her back next day AND told her so. She got a little testy SO I inferred unless she showed me our report I was gonna file ethics charges with KAR and have my lawyer file suit against her and R/N for slander / libel, etc.

She pulled the report / Guess What … the inspector was a pudgy, grey haired ASHI inspector from Olathe that says he’s done over 40,000 inspections and been doing this since 1975 … He was a A/C mechanic when I moved back to KC in 1988. She had been telling a story bout how bad I was for 3 years.

Imagine …

Well I did not get in from inspecting until after 7:30 tonite but I was told another TV channel (Channel 5) also did one of the WATCH out in Kansas ANYBODY can be an inspector at 6:00 news USING a rah - hah lets go get licensed ASHI bum.

Anybody see it???

Here is more media.

I wonder how much ASHI paid this TV station.

Anyone know that Randy Sipe guy?

Somebody that likely picked up a card, flashlight and notebook 10 years ago and started walking / talking … Hey lookie a new home inspector.

Today being a “Pro-Licensing” guy he’s ASHI’s new NATIONAL secretary.

Lives in Spring Hill, KS … Was part of the KAREI group telling everyone 4 years ago how they were FIGHTING to help us keep Realtors off our backs …

Ah, I see. Probably could have used the Google and found that out huh? :slight_smile:
What I don’t get is why are they crying now? It’s a done deal. Just butthurt I guess?

It may be just a reason to mislead the public, so they can keep honest inspectors at bay.

Funny how you can print-off a business card to become a home builder, a repair person, hundreds of other businesses, even a TV announcer and not be licensed.

Why these agents are complaining is really beyond my understanding. They complain about these HI’s, but continue suggesting them. Perhaps they are trying to degrade our whole industry. Good questions, Andrew.

Andy I do believe it is because of his strong ties to ASHI and how the CE’s benefits ASHI and their affiliates like Carson Dunlap and Casey O’Mally

He and the others from his ASHI chapter have a list of chapter members and advis agents that if an ASHI member is not part of their group they are not worth hiring, just as if they were a member of NACHI.

Now I hear they are telling agents only to use a member of KARIE, the true supports of Kansas Licensing

Has anyone thought about contacting the reporter and producer of that article to clarify the new changes from another standpoint?

I did. Zero response. Several TV stations and media outlets. I guess I do not have enough money. I am just one person, not an association. Media caters only to the ones who pay them.