Meeker Industries On The News

I was on channel 10 WPLG today. I’ll post the video after I re-record it.

The Story was about the Citizen’s re-inspection program hurting homeowners.


Here is a link to the story not video.

Were you a Citizen’s spoke person? :smiley:

He gave Todd T a free wind mit…:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Just honest as usual :smiley:

Not this time.


I will extend the offer to anyone who can get me on T.V. for a little publicity. :smiley:

Good job!

Awesome, Mike. You need to get this video on your website. Then, get a WindMobile and start wearing a cape!

Lots of views with few comments.
Good job now take advantage.

We’re all waiting for the link to the video to get posted.

Unfortunately, Meeker never keeps his word and comes back to post pic’s and other stuff he claims he has.

No link… No comment!

I do work some time ya know :slight_smile:

I was not able to find a video link but there is a link to the story at
Uner the As Seen On T.V. link :slight_smile:

I dvr’ed it and will likely play it back and video it then put it on utube.

It was a really short piece and think he would have used a little more if I had more negative things to say but I just told him how I felt and they used what they wanted.

Todd was a great everyday type of guy and even posed for a picture for my website. I’ll post it if I ever get finished with my work for the day.

So far in 10 I was in one newspaper in 11 another now in 12 T.V. I can’t complain at least I am known :smiley:

I saw it in his original link and watched the interview this morning before going out to work.
Good job and are you related to the reporter or something as he looks like you?

The video is at link in first post.

Don’t be “The Kevin” and make us all go searching down Rabbit Holes! Post the link here for pity’s sake!!! :mrgreen:

(I would have thought “The Meeker” would have done that, though)!!!

You can call me anything… but Kevin. :twisted:

For your viewing pleasure. Inspections prompt rise in insurance premiums

Thanks Chris.

Good job Mike!!!

I never would have thought the video was as well done as it was, based upon the original link to the story you posted.

Nope, but I believe he is a local South Florida Guy as well.

They must have added the video as it was not there when I first found the story on the web.

You’re nationwide. Get ready for the paparazzi

Thanks. They must have took a while to get it up.

Sad thing is my Daughter kept asking me why I did not go in the ladies attic :frowning:

She came home from her friends house where she saw it and said the lady seemed angry.

Then she said they are just joking on you right?

I had to explain that it was someone else that was the bad guy and I was the good guy trying to help.

Kids say the darndest things :smiley: I must remember she is always watching and listening enen if she does not always get the story right.

I damn sure won’t punch any of them :smiley:

They can consider themselves officially invited.