Meet me at the University of Portland for a night of Marketing for Inspectors, Feb 8.

Looks like we have a packed house. See ya all there!

I’ll be there with bells on!

Great meeting. Good food. Stadium style seating. Nice door prizes given out including another NACHI Beam

Was Scott wearing bells?

No, a polo shirt and a parachute.

You know what stunt Scott is internationally known for, do ya?

Dare I ask?

It involves polo shirts and parachutes…?

He parachuted into Elizabeth Taylor’s wedding at Michael Jackson’s place with a video cam on his head and transmitted it to a crew outside the estate and ended up getting the only video of the wedding for the media.

I guess we’ve all lived former lives before we became inspectors :roll: :smiley:

Oh my. This is going on my headstone isn’t it?

It was a good event. It was wonderful to meet many of the local NACHI members. I formed some alliances (god my spelling is bad) that will be very usefull. There was great information, much of it like here, sharing of experiance and opinions.

There will be more, I’m sure of that.

Scott…did you get to meet Bubbles? Wasn’t he the Best Man?

To be honest, most of the photos and video of “the wedding” were of me flying by, landing and the 19 helicopters I jumped through to get there. Liz was P.O.ed at me becouse that was all more interesting to the rest of the world than her “horrible” dress.

Also, mostly stills of mine were pulled off the video I shot. The film in my still camera somhow got exposed in the custody of the musad and police who took it. Funny hugh???

It was all pretty funny.

No, no bubbles.
I have enjoyed Jackson’s trouble the last few years. He & Liz used their “influence” to get me an unusually high penalty for tresspassing.

Nothing better than ironic justice.