MEET Paul Wilson PHPI, President PHPIC

OREIO October Meeting: Everything you need to know about Home Inspections!****

OREIO - Ottawa Real Estate Investors Organization

Date: Monday, October 18, 7pm
Location: Travelodge Hotel 1376 Carling Avenue (in the Centennial Ballroom)

Buying a Property? It is “Buyer Beware” out there, unless of course you use a qualified Home Inspector!

Fall is here and with it, a great number of investors are taking the plunge and purchasing rental property. Do you know what to look for when deciding whether or not to proceed with a property? Do you know how to spot a sagging structure? A foundation problem? Which problems are minor and are easily able to be repaired, and which ones should cause you to run, not walk away from the deal?
Paul Wilson of Home Inspectors, Ottawa (http://www.home-inspe…) will be presenting his vast experience in the area of home inspection; the do’s and don’ts, the changing regulatory framework for housing inspectors and a whole list of topics you want (!!) to know about.
Unless you want to suffer from “Buyer Beware” syndrome, come out on October 18th and listen to Paul Wilson share his expertise from the last 30 years, on the following topics:

  • How to identify a sagging structure, a poor foundation
  • Can you remedy structural problems? Should you walk away from the deal?
  • What is Radon? How does it affect my property? Can I remedy radon gas in my building?
  • What is Leda Clay? Why do I need to know about it?
  • Knob and tube wiring… the do’s and the don’ts …
  • Grow - Ops … and clandestine operations; what to look for…
    And lastly MOLD!
    Paul will have lots of photos and amusing stories to tell us about his experiences inspecting property!

**** If you are not yet a member of OREIO, you can sign up at the beginning of the meeting, or attend as a guest at a cost of $20.**
Hope to see you there!

Thanks for the information Roy, but you’re a little late.

The info session was last month…

Congratulants Marcel you found it .
Yes it was for last month but the add is running now .
I wondered why Paul would continue to run an add for some thing that was to be held last month .
Please do not chastise the messenger for this is not my error .
43 looked and you are the only one to report it .

MEET Paul Wilson PHPI, President PHPIC

:shock: I would have said something Roy but I thought that you pulling everyones chain and I didn’t want to get caught!! :shock::shock:

Maybe he’s really busy, Roy, and just forgot about it!! Just how nitpicky can you get when someone’s not a NACHI member??? Sheesh!!! Like you’ve never forgot something in your life?

Is this because he’s the president of PHPIC?? Getting to the bottom of the barrel of tricks now, Roy!!

I think you hit the nail on the head Brian!

By the way, did you know that Roy Cook only charge $100.00 for an inspection?

Below copied from his website at:

*** PrePurchase/Sale Inspections - Complete Inspections - As low as $ 200.**
*** Tarion Inspections - Complete Inspections - As low as $ 150.**
*** Remodelling Home Inspection - Price $ 100.00.**