Meeting in Tallahassee

The Florida Home Inspector Council will be having a meeting in Tallahassee with DBPR on Thursday 9/6.

We will be discussing, the publishing of the SOP, the mold question(which seems to have been partially answered), continuing education approvals and an inspector board.

The attendees from DBPR include:
Tim Vaccaro – Dep Sec for Professions
GW Harrell – Div Dir for Profession Boards
Rick Morrison – ED for Home & Mold Program
Sec Lawson will NOT be attendance at this moment.

Any others have any pertinent questions or comments?

a recent response from Richard Morrison the was in answer to the mold question. See below:

Is this meeting open to the fest of us?

Nope, sorry.

The mold response is in line with the legislation. Odd it took the dbpr this long to make it. Does the board have additional concerns regard mold or sop that can be shared? Do the members need to do anything to assist?

Our biggest concern is why the SOP is not published and who keeps requesting changes. We get and update, suggest changes and someone else adds more changes, we suggest updates, some else suggests changes and we start over and over. Why???

As a Home Inspector, I have no concerns with the current interpretation of the law. As a Mold Assessor I have questions on who is going to interpret the test results from the lab if a Homey does testing. Other opinions may vary. We are attending the meeting as Home Inspectors.

We have shared the latest response to the SOP already, nothing has changed from then. We are going to ask questions and see what can be done to move things forward. If anyone has any suggestions, I am listening.

Who does the Florida Home Inspector Council represent, (elected, appointed, volunteers)? What are the specific goals for the meeting? I do not know of a Standard of Practice being written as a method for conducting business, for any other license. Sounds like govermental controls, which is scary. If the underlinning goal is to make a home inspection complex so the rates will increase, best of luck. The price of a home inspection will rise when the contactors go back to their profession.

Be care full, your intentions have always been honorable and I wish you and the home inspectors only success.

The council represents most of Florida Home Inspector orgs. They are appointed or elected depending on the org they come from. Included are FL InterNachi(Richard Hyland), The Fl Home and Insurance Inspectors Chapter of InterNachi(me), @shi, FABI, and N@HI.

My goal is to monitor where the profession is going with the state. I would like to see home inspectors controlling the rules of licensed home inspectors.

I do not support the adoption of any SOP and fail to see its relevance especially if i have to inspect a microwave. Keep going and we will all have a copy of the stupid Texas inspection template forced down our throats. This SOP does nothing but dumb down the profession; of course the players know this.

I agree.

I did not want the license either.

John, I appreciate what you are trying to do. What about this SOP does the council not understand? GC’s don’t have to abide by it so what is the point in mandating a uniform inspection report which only serves to lower prices and open up HI’s to lawsuits? This totally confounds me and it is the dumbest thing I have seen in this profession. If this thing is adopted, I will not advertise a HI license and I will do all inspections as a GC and wish my fellow HI’s good luck. Their leaders are killing them as a sole propreitor and they just don’t seem to get it. Boilerplate, cookie cutter, $150 inspection with triple the risk. Want to be a HI - apply at US Inspects.

So, contractors dont need hi license? Mold too?


I do not quite understand your post. If you are currently inspecting under an HI license and you are an InterNACHI member, then you are following, and have to follow, the InterNACHI standards of practice. Every organization has an SOP. As a matter of fact, most home inspectors who have a web site list all of their association affiliations on their site and tout the SOP that they use. You are just as liable to a lawsuit as a GC as you are as a home inspector. If a contractor gest sued ‘common practice’ will come into play. I do not think that hiding behind a GC license will save you. In fact, you are supposed to have more knowledge than a home inspector and you should be held to a higher standard.

I too am dying to know these answers. Please someone who knows for sure let me know.

I do not want the hassel of maintaining multiple licenses if I do not have to.

Additional overlapping continuing ed sucks. So does the cost incurred.

If you r going to do home inspection, defined by the state you need a home inspectors license. If you are going to do mold assesing you need a mold assessors license. You can do appear partial home inspectors without a license, but becarful if the think you are operation without a proper license you can loose all licenses.

Mold testing under ten square ft is not regulated. Mold assessing does requires the license.

What is the difference in testing and assessing?

One is a sample you send to a lab. The other is defined by the state of Florida:
(2) “Mold” means an organism of the class fungi that causes disintegration of organic matter and produces spores, and includes any spores, hyphae, and mycotoxins produced by mold.
(3) “Mold assessment” means a process performed by a mold assessor that includes the physical sampling and detailed evaluation of data obtained from a building history and inspection to formulate an initial hypothesis about the origin, identity, location, and extent of amplification of mold growth of greater than 10 square feet.
(4) “Mold assessor” means any person who performs or directly supervises a mold assessment.

Hope you are having a constructive day. And remember if you want to take a break from driving dinner is on me in Gainesville.

Thank you

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