Meeting today

The council had a meeting with the Florida Realtors board today. The purpose was to garner support. We talked about the new Citizens four point, wind mitigation and possible Realtor support for several subjects. These included stopping contractors from invading our profession and a home inspector board. The council had a meeting afterwards and will be asking to publish an article in the Florida Realtor’s magazine about Home inspector licensing and to propose another four point form. We will also be reviewing and commenting on the current version of the SOP(see attached).

Feel free to comment on the four point attached also.

You can scrap that four-point as it is just as bad as Citizens.

**Breakers of Fuses? Service amps: **

Shouldn’t it be… Breakers -Or- Fuses?

quick look seems to be what we provide now. I would think if you are using something simular to the Nachi or Fabi form this would be the same.

Thanks, John. I like the 4 point.

On the HI SOP, how do we propose to inspect a shower pan for leakage?? This requirement is way too vague and implies we will fill the pan, mark it and come back in two days to check fluid level. What if the drain flange is leaking? This items needs to be removed or under “not required”.

I still do not like the appliance section and it is even more confusing to a customer. How about, “not required to inspect”?? Appears to me, really the only thing we are required to do is turn the thing on - if so, why not just say that and be done with it? Sounds like this was put in to sell RecallChek/home warranty; as a matter of opinion, I’m absolutely confident of that reasoning.

Unless it has been changed from:

Added with edit:

I see they added it!
Oh well, something I have been doing anyway and there is a standard test for it, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Why not use Tower Hill’s form as the standard? That’s what I’ve done.
I never have like the appearance of the NACHI form. IMHO.

I am with you and I even did one up…but no one wanted that!

The four-point form from Citizens is the one they are going to accept. I doubt they are going to want a form from someone else after all of the “hard work” they put into their form. I am certain, that others will as well. I predict that the Citizens form will now be the new four-point form, just like other companies use their roof certification form.

I hope you guys make some progress at the meetings, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. :mrgreen:

Speaking of which, I’ll be out for the rest of the day on a “bug hunt”! :wink:

Go get em and be safe.

Yes it should be

The goal is to find out what we want and do not want on the form. I will fix the format later after we know the questions.

Send it over to me

Nice dive and finally nice to see some big female lobsters! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I like this form better than the new Citizens form. I’ve done 2, 4 points on the Citizen style form and I’m not happy with it.

Any discussion on a timeline for finalization of the SOP?

No. This copy of the SOP was just sent over and we do not know why or where it came from or how it became so mixed-up. The council is drafting responses.

Here is the one I use until otherwise requested: Magnum 4-point

and here I spent all this money with the state:D

Capture eric.JPG

A glitch in the previous version of the software!
Thanks for pointing it out!

If the goal is to come up with a 4-Point Form that would be accepted by the majority of insurance carriers, then consolidating some of the carriers’ 4-Point forms like Citizens, Tower Hill and Federated (see attachments) might be helpful. For example, the Roof section might look something like this:

ROOF (Photos required: a minimum of two roof photos and any deficiencies)
Predominant roof covering material: _______________ % of total roof _____________
Other roof covering materials: ____________________ % of total roof _________________
Age of roof covering: _____________
Date of last update: ______________
[INDENT]% of replacement ____________________
Permit application date: ________________

of roof layers ______________________

Damage/deterioration? __________________________________________
Evidence of Active leaks? _________________________________________
Interior of home?_____________________________
Condition of soffit, gutters and eaves __________________________________
Overall condition _______________________________________________
Useful life __________________________________________________
Any roof updates needed? ______________________________________
Details of prior updates (include what type, when complete and by whom): _______________________[/INDENT]

I’m not certain how the Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC sections would look and I’m not sure this is the way to go. Just throwing it out there…

Dang. I should have read it before giving the price.

Permit info needed.

Price just went up/