Meetings at Tropical Acres??

What happened to the meetings at Tropical Acres?

Not sure but as a teen after school I got laid in the parking lot way out back almost every day :slight_smile:

I think it is a park now or something. Next time I go by it i’ll check it out.

I washed dishes there way way back in the good ole days. It used to have a massive amount of customers, like a convention hall or banquet type settings.

Just another stop in my Anthony Bourdain / Construction Career as a young kid.

I am going for the first time on April 12 @ 6:30p.
Who else is going?

What is the agenda?


Misplaced words:


You know that may actually be a different place I was think about. Tropical Acres is the real old steak house next to me. I forgot the name of the place I used to work and screw at. It was west of Flamingo gardens and is a park or something now. I am getting old and forget things :slight_smile: Now this will drive me crazy trying to figure it out. It was a huge place. Lots of convention and meeting type stuff used to go on there. Table cloths and fancy silverware. I am going to figure it out …to be continued.

Maybe the Kapoc Tree…

Yep, just confirmed it :slight_smile:

With boys or girls…Never know about you Michael. LOL!:smiley:

Just the girls :slight_smile:

OK! Just wanted to make sure…

A lot of you used to be on my email list for this. Since I stepped off the board they no longer include me in their emails. If you attent, please tell them you got this informaiton from me. I still feel that getting together and sharing information is beneficial to all inspectors. I might even attend this one.

Home Inspector Association of South Florida
Tuesday April 12th, 2016, 6:30pm
Tropical Acres Restaurant
2500 Griffin Rd, Dania Beach, FL 33312

Home Inspectors Association of
South Florida

Please Join Us for dinner at
Tropical Acres on Tuesday,
April 12th, 2016, 6:30pm

Come early and enjoy the bar area.
2-4-1 Domestic Bottles, Well Drinks and House Wines
$5 select Appetizers at the Bar

Members $10
Non Members $20
Become a member today for only $75 for the year

RSVP is required
Please RSVP with Name of attendees and if the attendees are eating the buffet.

Like us on Facebook


John Micali has been a home inspector in So. Florida for over 20yrs, a FABI member, and Owner/President of Allied Home Inspections.

The meetings are held the second Tuesday of the month at
Tropical Acres Restaurant
2500 Griffin Rd, Dania Beach, FL 33312.

$10 for members
$20 for non members
Become a member today for $75

Yup for sure. Good memories for sure in my 76 Monte Carlo mine looked like the one here but not as nice :slight_smile:

I could get into it with a coat hanger almost as fast as with a key :slight_smile:

Thanks Bill.

I had a 68 Camero, 70 and a 72 Monte Carlo s.

Sorry to hear that! :slight_smile:

Actually, being a Mopar guy, the 69 Camaro and the Montes…were some great looking cars.

Meanwhile, back in the day…the 71 Demon with a transplanted 440, the sleeper Duster, and the infamous Magnum.



The good ole days :slight_smile:

The 76 Monte was my favorite car back then, until the 87 SS came out

It hauled *** and I think I paid like $1200.00 myself and my parents matched it for a grand total of $2400.00. I bought it a week or so before my 16th birthday and took the driving test the very morning of my birthday. From that point on I was FREE.